About Suzanne Jenne

Suzanne has been a full-time artist since 2003, and is a creative coach with more than 30 years experience designing and producing creative endeavors. She is an Artist in Residence at Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake, Colorado, and author of "All About Art," a bi-monthly column for the Perry Park Sentinel (Larkspur, Colorado).  Suzanne teaches artist workshops, and coaches corporate clients to successfully transition from a corporate livelihood to a more creative lifestyle.

Suzanne has designed and developed a line of products based on her paintings, photographs and digital arts. The products are marketed through various websites including sjennedesigns.com.


Artist Statement

No matter what is happening in the world, nature is the constant and I find it grounds me when I relate my paintings to nature, even if they are not a literal representation.

What inspires me most is the change in seasons and how nature's palette is constantly evolving and self renewing.  My surge of energy at these transition points energizes my work and fills me with excitement to continue creating.  My passion for travel, delight in other cultures and exposure
to how others live coincides with how nature inspires my work. 
Both themes find their way into my paintings.

I choose my materials to resemble the complexity that is present in nature and to achieve the best results for that project.  By using mixed media I can mirror that complexity.  Applying modern materials, such as acrylics, allows me to be flexible and versatile.  I also love using oils.  They have an ancient quality, and their saturation with earthen elements and slow drying attributes extend the artistic process. 

People have said that they are most interested in my bold use of color combined with unafraid, abstract images.  I like to portray scenes that are fun, fluid and exciting.  Since  I consider myself an expressionist, I want people to identify on an emotional level with my paintings; in effect, being drawn into a piece that they can relate to in a positive way.